Do you know that 90% of Start-ups do not make it?

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Longevity, our start-up program, is designed to overcome startup founder's top 5 identified pains divided in an 8-module program. 

With the latest strategies and tactics employed by successful entrepreneurs and industrial experts, this is a transformative experience revolutionizing entrepreneurship program. Our network will guide you through interactive sessions, sharing their wealth of knowledge and practical experiences to inspire and drive your business to new heights.

We understand the challenges of starting a business, and we offer all the support and proficiency for your business to thrive,  by empowering you to make wise decisions, and to navigate safely through all the obstacles. 

Unleash your potential and ignite your business with Longevity. 

ESEI - Barcelona
Project based learning collaboration with International Business School ESEI, Barcelona, Spain

RUC - Roskilde university
Event & workshop at RUC, Open Entrepreneurship Lap Roskilde, Denmark

DTU - Technical University of Denmark

Event & workshops at DTU, Center for Technology Entrepreneurship, Lyngby, Denmark

Project based Learning collaboration with WPI, Worcester, MA, US

Lagertha has been an excellent partner in interdisciplinary student projects. The WPI projects with Lagertha enabled our students to achieve the educational outcomes of our interdisciplinary projects and to develop transferrable skills related to value creation and entrepreneurial mindset that Lagertha seeks to develop in its program

Kate Maria Vinther, the fouder of Lagertha about Start-up Program "Longevity"