Podcast alart: Elevate your entrepreneurial game with CEO wisdom

🎙 Charles Cormier, the powerhouse CEO at Podpire.com, flipped the script in the latest episode of his "CEO Wisdom Podcast." Over 1.5k CEOs have joined his Podcast, and this time, the spotlight turned to me, talking about and sharing insights on Bold Leadership, Startup Survival, Performance, Diversity, and Personal Development, among other game-changing topics.

Why did I say yes to his invite? Unlike the generic sales pitches flooding my inbox, Charles stood out with an AI-powered cold outreach that was nothing short of exceptional. No generic 'Sir' addressing, I’m still a women , just a well-organized, structured email packed with relevant links and videos to other top-notch podcasts.

Charles doesn't just run a podcast; he orchestrates a masterclass in transformative knowledge and inspiring branding. His strategy goes beyond providing a platform; it's about creating a strategic network, transforming his podcast into a thriving business. As a guest, I not only shared entrepreneurial wisdom but also witnessed firsthand how Charles leverages his show to build a potent customer base while bestowing branding value upon his guests.

If you haven't received an invite from Charles yet, consider inviting yourself! Say yes to his newsletters – brutally honest, incredibly inspiring, and downright funny. Charles Cormier's CEO Wisdom Podcast isn't just an interview; it's a branding and sales powerhouse that you don't want to miss. Take the leap and listen to the CEO wisdom Podcast! 

Live Podcast "Everything we dont talk about"

Friday the 15th of december 2023 we held out first Live Podcast in the heart of Barcelona to test this specific Podcast version. Big thanks to Mads Rademacher, the owner of Ølgod who so generous and spontaneous tuned Ølgod into the venue of “Everything We don’t Talk about” Live Podcast just after very short presentation of a just few days old idea.

The concept fold out just around the title “Everything We Don’t Talk about”. From there it was up to guests to come by, step beyond conventional talk and dive into the whispers of the unspoken and participate with whatever topic. The idea was to put whoever guest to the table, let them uncover and reveal hidden taboos important for them, no rules but freedom to speak their minds.

What happen was really interesting. Non really dramatic, societal or hidden taboos was revealed. But to our surprise days before the event we had people contacting us for details about specific topics and how exactly they should relate to the order of the other guest speakers. If they participated did their topic fit into the other gests topics, how many guests and who wear the other guests? How is the frame structured?

Now our reflection and question are; Do our social and cultural environmental hold us so strong that we forgot, do not know anymore to act spontaneous, innovative, are afraid to step outside the frame and be our self? To be Bold enough to speak what’s honestly on our mind?

That was what happened the days up to the Live Podcast event. This is what happened in the event that turned out to be very close to the idea. Big thanks to Kasper Graversen, Executive Film Producer and Thomas Lindegaard Blücher, Key account Manager Conscia to join the Live Podcast “Everything we Don’t Talk About” and give it yet another turnaround making yourself facilitators and making the facilitator guest speaker which made the Live Podcast a very friendly, funny and insightful conversation. So much that we sometimes forgot we wear doing a Podcast. The topics was chosen right before you sat down by the table. They wear decided on the background on you professional live. The challenged film industry in Denmark, Ai, security and behavior and the state of the entrepreneurial world in Spain and Denmark.