We bring the future into the present

Lagertha is the link between global industries and startups founded by female entrepreneurs

Lagertha is a startup program for female entrepreneurs. The goal is to raise number of startups founded by female entrepreneurs in collaboration with global industries to accelerate the green transformation.

Collaboration is a critical component of any innovative process and key to successful solutions. Lagertha aims to strengthen entrepreneurship and innovation between startups and global industries in key industries as maritime/shipping, logistics, automotive, transport, mining, TECH and finance - industries with few women.


The world is becoming more global, hybrid, complex and fragmented. To stay connected to solutions requires a strong focus on collaboration between startups and corporate to achieve the goals of maintaining and developing ESG (Environmental Social Governance) SDGs, innovation and new collaboration models. New cooperative models between startups and corporate can create values to the Innovation Value Chain and supply chain innovation.


Women want to be involved in society, economics, business and innovation. Startups, founded by female entrepreneurs, can help bring the future into the present because they focus on  innovation, sustainability, diversity, technological solutions and environmental management in a different way. 

Next and most importan step. The ongoing transformation of Lagerthas business model, full scale digital to a business cluster Ecosystem that bridges startups founded by females with global industries with few women.


We know that diversity creates better results. This applies to both Start Ups and large international companies where diversity often is the road to better business development, innovation and survivability. Diversity means multiplicity and otherness. It adds resilience and matches the best of human beings.  

Vision og ambition

According to legend, LAGERTHA was a strong and independent Viking shield woman who fought for what she wanted and won many battles by daring to take the sword into her own hands.

Lagertha's Incubator program is for entrepreneurial women. At the same time, it serves as the driving force for Lagertha's vision and ambitions.


Lagertha aims to identify 18 startups in 2021 and connect them with corporate partners. These startups can help bring the future into the present. By 2022 Lagertha will scale to the European market in cooperation with our corporate partners.


Women want to be involved in society, economics, business and innovation. Lagertha will raise  numbers of female entrepreneurs and new businesses. It is a self-reinforcing process that will create more value on all bottom lines in society. We aim to work together to strengthen more diversity among women and men.


It is fully recognized that diversity is a driver for impact innovation. Lagertha is a robust opportunity for industries as maritime/shipping, transport & logistics, mining, automotive, Tech and finance to cooperate with startups facing the challenges in the new decade.


Women in general think and act differently concerning innovation, sustainability, diversity, technological solutions and environmental management. There is a great potential that new startups including energized women entrepreneurs would also act as external innovation partners.