Afshan Akram, Head of spare parts & logistics, MAN Energy Solutions

Reaching the sustainability goals is our time's most complexed tasks we have to approach with holistic and diverse mindsets.

Lagertha's ecosystem is developed and designed to support 7 specific industries; maritime, logistics, technology, energy, mining, automotive, transport, to collaborate on new sustainable solutions.

Every concept service we offer is based on these goals and in close interaction with our customer and stakeholders. Lagertha is a robust opportunity for the industries to partner with facing the challenges in the new decade.


Let's lead together 

I fully support Lagertha's Start Up program, as I would very much like to help change the fact that there are still too few women applying into the industries that Lagertha focuses on. In order for us to exploit the potential of diversity, we must have more of the competencies that women can offer in games in these industries - and I believe that Lagertha's program and the team behind it have the energy, competencies and knowledge needed to help create change.

That's why I - and we at Maersk - support their work. Lagertha has a unique business model.

Anne-Sophie Zerlang Karlsen

Head of Asia Pacific Ocean Customer Logestics, Maersk

Statements and Testimonials

I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs - these are the bravest people I know and there are too few of them.

We must pay tribute to the diversity in all aspects of the Danish business community. A focus on getting entrepreneurs, and in particular women entrepreneurs, on stage and getting even more impetus in the process is an exciting journey that Lagertha has taken the initiative for. I am proud and at the same time humbled to be able to help Lagertha on this mission, and I look forward to seeing all the good results that we can create together.

Mogens Larsen

Vice-President of Air & Sea IT. DSV

My investment in Lagertha is first and foremost an expression of my belief that Kate Maria Vinther with this company can make a difference with a business model for corporate venture & startups that understands the importance of interaction and commitment between stakeholders which has a global and sustainable view. Lagertha will be the innovative platform of the future for women who want a professional and competent bridge to global industries and who have the ambitions in order.

We need that, and I cannot imagine anyone better to lead this mission than Kate Maria Vinther. I have known and worked with Kate for many years and she is in my optics one of the most committed and future oriented people I have met on my way. And at the same time, she possesses the ability to stay holistic in complex change processes, understands the entire value chain and always focuses on the greatest possible benefit for her customers and partners. She is professional, responsible and without a doubt able to create new paths in different industries, environments and cultures. 

Katrine Rohde, Board of Directors & trusted advisor

WPI is a technological university in Worcester, Massachusetts, US and a global leader in project-based learning.

Lagertha has been an excellent partner in interdisciplinary student projects. The WPI projects with Lagertha enabled our students to achieve the educational outcomes of our interdisciplinary projects and to develop transferrable skills related to value creation and entrepreneurial mindset that Lagertha seeks to develop in its programs.

WPI does not currently have a program in Barcelona, but if we were to open one in the future, we will certainly seek out Lagertha as a partner. As a STEM-focused university, WPI shares the goals of Lagertha to promote female entrepreneurship and diversify the pool of entrepreneurs and innovators across technical fields. I highly recommend that other universities explore the opportunity to collaborate with Lagertha to your mutual benefit.

Peter H. Hansen,
Director of International and Global Studies

Aim together. Achieve together. 

Sustainability goals are Lagertha’s goals. We're dedicated to crafting solutions that perfectly align with your business, always prioritizing partnership and fostering a collaborative environment where we create together.

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The connection between people and technology is where value is created and impact is happening. Technology itself is not the goal. We aim to intergrade the most effective tech tools in our online programs to generate top compelling, inspiring learnings methods for our customers.