We are a Co-partner team with a strong drive to be the best. To be the best we take care of one another in a cultural environment of DEI&b where failure is perceived as tests, invention and learning processes because our goals are a long-term journey we approach on a daily basis.

Supported by data, we keep our knowledge processes transparent, to engage open communication, feedback and team work collaboration to maximize the success of our programs. We deliver high-value for our customer and stakeholders.

We are intensively looking for a new Co-partner. If you can recognize our culture, have an entrepreneur and agile mindset, are ready to be Co-partner in a startup company with a symbolic investment and cover following role; CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). Reach out to us.  

Kate Maria Vinther, Founder of Lagertha

    Kate Maria Vinther

   Founder & Partner

   +45 21 75 33 65

    +34 611 73 37 61 

     Barcelona, Spain


Nitya Prakash

Chief Digital Officer

New Delhi, India

                                                                                                                      ADVISORY BOARD

Lagertha’s global ecosystem embody smart and dedicated people from a wide range of experts who are not afraid to speak and stand up making things happens focusing on solutions. 

Starting with our own Advisory Board, we have bold leaders and innovators from 3 of the 7 different industries and 5 different countries who are supporting us leading the way for Lagertha’s visions and goals with their in-deep knowledge and years of experiences from their respective industries. 

As Henry Ford quoted from the industrial epoch “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress. Working together is success” and Mark Zuckerberg representing the technological age “The biggest risk is not taking any risk”. 

The goal with the Advisory board is to have members from all 7 industries. 

We know how crucial the unique level of knowledge and value the members possess. If you are a bold leader from one of the following industries: technology, energy, automotive and transport, please reach, let’s start a dialog.

Rune Nygaard

   Business Director Water

Wilhelmsen Ship Service

Oslo, Norway


Andre Simha

Chief Digital & Innovation Officer

MSC Mediterranean Shipping 

Geneva, Switzerland


Lora Jakobsen

  Chief Purpose Activist ZeroNorth

Copenhaguen, DenmarK


Michael Allen

  Chief Financial Officer

Los Cerros

Perth, Australia 


Tracey Cooper

   Founder & Director of Mining Dialoques


 Johannesburg, South Africa