Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEI&b) 

What does it mean to be diverse? Do your diversity efforts create innovation and impact? Do your organization wide diversity efforts carry through to all levels? And, perhaps most importantly, what is your business model for diversity and inclusion?

This initial program is primarily based on DIVERSIFY! ’s tool Diversity Performance Assessment Tool (DPAT) and an introduction to its 3 following modules. 

Lagertha’s DEI&b program provides an overview of the current status of your organization, as well as an associated catalog of proposals to specify improvement measures. The proposal catalog is generic and is based on the level achieved from the associated self-evaluation tool.  

The anchorage ensures the empirical value of the tool and guarantees valuable and useful results for the users. It is noted that the tool is presented in a condensed and streamlined form, specifically designed to map diversity according to specific measurement parameters.

Key benefits are to equip decision-makers to be able to relate constructively to DEI&b and the consequent disruption of their own organization.

Left top speaker Dorte Krogh, Culture Transformation strategist. Left down, speaker Kristina Touzenis, ESG transformer. Right top, Speaker Afshan Akram. Right bottom, participants at Lagertha's virtual and physical workshop.