‘Influence the Influencers’ Modular Training Programme

What does it mean to be diverse? Do your diversity efforts create innovation and impact? Do your organization wide diversity efforts carry through to all levels ? And, perhaps most importantly, what is your business model for diversity and inclusion?

This initial seminar is primarily based on DIVERSIFY! ’s tool Diversity Performance Assessment Tool (DPAT) and an introduction to its 3 following modules. 

The purpose of this module is to provide the person of internal entity responsible for diversity with a systematic tool for gaining an overview of the current status, as well as an associated catalog of proposals for specific improvement measures. The proposal catalog is generic and is based on the level achieved in the associated self-evaluation tool.  

The anchorage ensures the empirical value of the tool and guarantees valuable and useful results for the users. It is noted that the tool is presented in a condensed and streamlined form, specifically designed to map diversity according to specific measurement parameters.


Key benefits are to equip decision-makers to be able to relate constructively to diversity and the consequent disruption of their own organization.


For whom; C- Suite and Senior Management 

When; All year

Where; Virtual

Length; 4 hours 

Price from; 2.800 € + VAT for teams of max 10 

Modul B1. Level your self-reflection for a better understanding  of the power of diversity

Progress Has been Made but barriers still exist 

“We want our management to be culturally prepared. We have a vast amount of diversity that comes into work every day in order to create and build technology that plays out around the world.” 

–Rosalind Hudnell, director of global diversity and inclusion, Intel 

This is the first of three modules that aim to strengthen reflection, self-knowledge and to gain better undestanding of the role that diversity plays in relation to innovation, guiding business practices and competition.

The module is divided into two parts: It starts with a dialogical presentation of the concept of diversity and why it is discussed to the extent that it is among trendsetters and business leaders. We need to look at the empirical documentation and the evidence for and against the implementation of diversity goals in your organization and discuss the extent to which global trends apply in your particular organization.

The key benefit of this module is for your diversity team to undergo a training course which is rooted in protreptic coaching and dialogue. The content is based on proven methods that are strategically adapted to specific challenges related to diversity in your organization. The task is that after the first module you will be able to put discussions and concepts in perspective and start thinking about your own company / organization in a diversified framework.


Before the course all participants will receive the detailed content of the module, tools and methods. 


For whom; C- Suite & Senior management

When; All year

Where; Virtual

Length; 4 ½ hours 

Price from;  3.800 € + VAT for teams of max 10. Contact us for prices for larger teams 


 Modul B2. Decoding and find untapped leadership

Diversity and Inclusion efforts are a given 

“We couldn’t have gone through all of the mergers and acquisitions and continue to be successful without having a diverse workforce. It’s important to our business strategy and it makes us more innovative and competitive.” 

–Debbie Storey, senior vice president of talent development and chief diversity officer, AT&T 

The second module in DIVERSIFY!'S training program is based on the definitions, challenges and solutions that were defined in Module B1. The module is divided into three parts. On a cognitive level, people understand the world through categories. The formation of stereotypes is thus both natural and not inherently bad. The key is to be aware of as many of them as possible. We need to train ourselves in decoding our own concepts of stereotypes by disrupting your self. 


Key benefit of this module is the idea generation process where we have to dive much deeper into the participants individual agency to create the desired changes in their own context, and examine our own values ​​as they relate to diversity. Finally, we look at how our values ​​play into the way we handle the subject in a work context. Module 2B is about your power and how to use it. 


Before the course all participants will receive the detailed content of the module, tools and methods. 


For whom; C- Suite & Senior Management   

When; All year

Where; Virtual 

Length; 4 ½ hour 

Price; from 3.800 € + VAT for teams of max 10. Contact us for prices for larger teams 



Module B3. Your role as leader in the change of process – Mapping your mindset and Influence the Influencers

A Diverse Workforce attracts Top Talent 

“We are in 75 countries and we want to hire the best talent in each locale. Diverse teams and companies make better decisions.” 

–Eileen Taylor, global head of diversity, Deutsche Bank 

The third module brings together the various paths we have explored again and we must now work with the final strategic implementation of positive changes, as well as reflect both on our concrete results for diversification initiatives, but also on our own role in the process ahead. The module is divided into three parts. 


The key benefit of this module is to understand the specific challenges that each participant has dealt with, by “The journey passport” an evaluation of your personal process. Presenting both process and concrete solution initiatives, you not only have the opportunity to inspire your team or fellow participants with good ideas and sharp insights, but you get concrete and constructive feedback from others who may each struggle with similar challenges and have made deep thoughts and reflections on the subject. It will be scored through DIVERSIFY,s DRAP analysis from 1 to 5. Modul 3 will end with “Mapping your mindset” a protreptic virtual Walk’n’Talk where you get the opportunity to map your own mental journey and shed light on the relationship between your own point of view and the journey that your organization is facing. 


Before the course all will receive the detailed content of the module, tools and methods. 


For whom; C- Suite & Senior Management 

When; All year

Where; Virtual

Length; 4 ½ hour

Price from; 3.800 € + VAT for teams of max 10. Contact us for prices for larger teams


Diversity Is a Key Driver of Innovation 

“Diversity fosters creativity. We need to generate the best ideas from our people in all levels of the company and incorporate them into our business practices.” 

–Frédéric Rozé, chief executive officer, L’Oréal USA 

ESG training! 

- understanding how the concept is interconnected

The ESG training is a initial seminar focusing on understanding how the E the S and the G is interconnected so it truly support decision-making and resilience to create long term sustainable growth. The approach is to delve into detail with the two more overlooked components, S and G, to get a more indepth understanding of these and link to environmental efforts.

You will be introduced to tools to address social impact and to use the UNGPs on Human Rights and Business as well as other internationally agreeded documents to pragmatically showcase how you addre Social and Governance issues in your operations as well as how to start doing due diliegence on social issues and monitor internal governance mechanisms. This will strengthen your sustainability narrative vis-a-vis all stakeholders. Investors need to insist that portfolio companies carry out and report on these issues to allow them in turn to articulate why their ESG portfolio is not just any other portfolio with a label on it, and therefore concrete steps to engage on these issues and have goals around impact is necessary in today’s world

This training has been created after hundreds of convesrations with businesses and investors. We offer our 20+ years of experience in social sustainability and governance in the UN and worldwide to help answer some of the concerns shared with us during those conversations (for example around the creation of social goals/KPIs), and demystify some common beliefs, including around renewable energy, investment exclusion lists and the value of national legislation on labour standards when furthering the 2030 Agenda.

The training can be tailored to your needs and the program contain apart from the initial workshop a build up cources of 6 weeks intensive but fun and participatory training on how to really “do” Environmental, social Sustainability and Good Governance.

Key benefit of the training is to help leaders with a completely different professional training relieve the incredible amount of pressure they are under to prove and implement sustainable projects, actions and investments.  

Before the course all will receive the detailed content of the module, tools and methods. 

For whom; C- Suite & Senior Management 

When; All year

Where; Virtual

Length; 4 hours 

Price; 3500 € for teams of max 4

Embraced frequently but not fully understood.

ESG has been a driving factor for many companies and organisations but research by many bodies has found that while it is often enthusiastically embraced it is frequently not fully understood. 

“Business needs to recognize the interconnectedness of its operations with key stakeholders to move beyond the model of shareholder primacy. WBCSD’s Vision 2050 highlights the need for a mindset shift to drive the transformations urgently required on the purpose of business, resilience and operating regeneratively to create long term sustainable growth.”

- Mario Abela, Director Redefining Value at WBCSD