Lagerthas Incubatator, the most tailored startup program for female entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs

Do you have a business idea/model who together with Lagerthas global industrial partners and stakeholders can accelerate the green transformation within industries as maritime/shipping, logistics, mining/sustainable productivity, new digital technologies, transport, energy, customer focus and the next generation focused on sustainable stewardship. Do not hesitate. Just contact us.

Lagertha's program is for both entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial women  all ages: 

  1. Group 
    Female Entrepreneurs who have a business model / idea that is scalable, national, regional, global and have the courage to conquer the global market. This group will be matched with corporate.  Duration 9 month. Price pr. month 270 EUR
  2. Group 
    Female Entrepreneurs who want to create a small business for themselves and 2-3 employees. It is the self-employed that we should not underestimate, especially in these uncertain Covid19 times where the courage of female entrepreneurs becomes stronger. Duration 3 month. Price pr. month 322 EUR
  3. Group
    Female Intrapreneurs, a type of in-house entrepreneurs, also named Chief Innovation Officer (CINO). Value for organizations and there CINO’s is to benefit from a broader innovative ecosystem because they will join an entrepreneurial environment with different types of entrepreneurial women. Duration 3 month. Price pr. month 395 EUR

Application and screening of business idea/concept. The participants screening and match process will be in collaboration with Lagerthas corporate partner. The applicant have to focus on the above mentioned industries and their challenges. Only startups intended to lead to the development of new innovation, business and products are eligible for Lagerthas program. 

What you need to do is;

1.  Make a 2 min video pitch with your business idea / model

2. Describe your business idea / model in a Business Canvas Model

Download Business Model Canvas

See Business Model Canvas - explanation here

3. You are free to do just 1 or 2 or both. 

After a thorough and professional assessment of your business model / idea and match to Largertha's Incubator program the work will take place in teams or individually with subsequent themes and you will be a part of

Women Community for Sustainability and access to participant blog; 

  • Coaching and mentoring. Overcoming mental and sociological barriers which has led to inhibition of self-esteem
  • Partner match making among the participants. We will strongly recommend partnerships and performing a light personality test.
  • Global industrial match making
  • Interaction with role models, acting as influencers and mentors for their industries
  • Development and optimization of strategy and business plan
  • Match first-hand investments and collaboration with he listed  industries
  • Proff of Idea and business concept
  • Proff of business
  • Internationalization processes
  • Investor portfolio

The impact of Lagerthas Ecosystem on long terms will result in:

* Lagertha will contribute to a change of culture in industries with few women

* Experience the accelerence of the green transformation because of the industries adopting diversity

* Lagertha will in cooperation with the industries increase startups founded by female entrepreneurs developing new sustainable solutions

* In 5 years Lagertha will be a strong brand for sustainability in EU countries, Latin America and US

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Many incubator/startups programs facilitate networks, fragmented guidance and events. Lagertha's startup program differs by being developed and designed to breach the obstacles that are the cause of the current distortion in gender diversity when it comes to female entrepreneurs. Lagerthas program also differs by the close collaboration with global industries and its ongoing development of thorough market and industry research. 

Women community for sustainability is a part of Lagerthas business cluster Ecosystem. 

Not to mentioned Lagerthas very strong profiles who is mentors/rolemodels/Influencers:

Anne-Sofie Zerlang, Heading operation in Asia Pacific, Maersk

Jan W. Andreassen, GoNorth, Head Coach
Rune Nygaard, Business Manager, Ventures, Wilhelmsen Ship Service, Norway
Maria Kirsten Schmidt, Procurement Process & Governance Manager - Center of Excellence, FLSmidth
Mogens Larsen, Senior Director, Air & Sea IT, DSV Panalpina A/S