Let´s cooperate accelerating the green transformation 

The green transformation is core of the business. We need new kinds of partnerships between startups and global industries. Lagertha is this kind of new partnerships with three specific goals: To raise numbers of startups founded by female entrepreneurs and mixed teams in interaction and collaboration with global industries to accelerate the green transformation.

Value and innovation pools for global industrial partners

In addition to Lagertha´s high impact services and Leadership Development Traning programs we develop an international cross industry  network for industrial partners. Several of the industries, we develop high-impact services & Leadership Development Training programs for, shares similar challenges according to the ESG, environmental, social and governance, diversity and next generation of leaders. We need to get away from “winner takes it all” and move towards new partnerships models who embrace effective collaboration that leads to real sustainability. 

Lagerthas startup program facilitates matches between startups founded by female entrepreneurs and mixed teams with global industries in following areas with few women; Maritim, automotive, energy, logistics, technology, mining and, transport.  

The scouting, screening and match-making process will be in collaboration with Lagerthas stakeholders. The applicant will be asked to focus on certain industries and their challenges. Only startups intended to lead to the development of new innovation, services and products will be eligible for Lagerthas program.


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